Lifting Spirits, Keeping Us Safe

The COVID journey has undoubtedly been tough on both a personal and professional level for us all –  whilst the road ahead appears uncertain, the direction is clear and we will rise again. We continue to approach each and every challenge that lies ahead with the spirit, creativity and vigour that our guests and teams deserve, to help ensure we can once again thrive doing what we do best; providing exceptional hospitality and guest experiences everyday, lifting Spirits, keeping us COVID-safe.

Guests and team alike will notice many changes since we were last together as we adapt to the social distancing measures to ensure we’re COVID-safe. The heart of our approach is focused on ensuring our teams and guests are as comfortable as possible whilst we deliver the new Neighbourhood experience. Dine, Drink and please don’t Dance (just for now at least). Life is a little different for us all right now and you will notice some changes to your NBHD experience – we’ve got a new vibe. Our priority remains providing you and our teams with a safe place to be. Please play your part responsibly.

Rest assured we’re meticulously prepared in accordance with the highest safety standards and Government guidance to ensure we’re COVID-safe for our guests and teams. Throughout this plan you’ll be able to go onto read further details of the specific measures we’re implementing to ensure we’re COVID-Safe. The key principles of our operating plan are as follows; you can read full details of the measures we’re implementing in our ‘COVID-Safe plan’

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